President-elect Joe Biden is set to take the country in a different political direction unless President Trump’s legal challenging of the election process is found valid. If Democrats manage to win both the House and the Senate, we can expect a much more ambitious policy agenda from Biden, such as a large stimulus package and tax increases on corporations. However, if Republicans win one of two key Senate runoff races in Georgia, they will maintain control of the Senate and will likely cause President-elect Biden to make changes through regulatory avenues. The new President-elect would also have to carefully choose his cabinet members and appointees to agencies because they will be heavily scrutinized by the Senate majority. Republicans winning seats in the House and electing more far-right representatives shows that there are still strong conservative ideals held in the U.S. that the new President-elect will have to address in the next term.

Notable Elections to Congress
Congressional Party Make-Up
Health Care Policy Implications
Summary of AHPA State Congressional Winners

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