Republican candidates met on Wednesday night in the historic Ronald Reagan Presidential Library to share a bit more of their respective philosophies on public policy issues, including health care. Multiple candidates expressed their frustrations with the American health care system. Former Governor and Ambassador Nikki Haley’s question was echoed by all on stage — “How can we be the best country in the world and have the most expensive health care in the world?” Former Vice President Mike Pence expressed belief that pulling funding from government programs like the Affordable Care Act would be best. Haley was more focused on price transparency and market-based competition, promising that “when [she] is President, we’re going to make it more transparent” and “bring competition back to health care, getting rid of CON.” She also expressed a desire to continue work for Tort reform, to help curb some of the litigious culture in health care. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recommended aggressive work requirements in Medicaid and food assistance programs, a policy approach proven to undermine and erode the safety net without actually helping Americans become prosperous.