Last week, a record-setting heatwave scorched much of the west coast, pushing temperatures to over 115 degrees in what’s generally a mild, Mediterranean-esque climate. As people clambered to stay cool, many of America’s unsung heroes went to work. The American farmworker plays a vital role in securing the American food supply and making the U.S. the most prominent global exporter of food. Throughout the pandemic, farmworkers have endured dangerous working conditions, inadequate access to public health services, and suffered some of the country’s highest COVID-19 infection and fatality rates. Additionally, farmworkers die from heat-related illness at a rate 20 times that of all civilian workers in the U.S. Without their dedication, food security in the U.S. would be under threat. To further explore the risks affecting farmworkers, food security in America and community health, keep reading. Read More >>>

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