The journey to the 2020 presidential election continues. Below are the latest highlights from the campaign trail:

  • On October 7th, Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) met in their only chance to debate before the November election. Health policy was a key topic of the vice-presidential debate, with Sen. Harris criticizing the Trump Administration’s handling of the pandemic.
  • Sen. Harris also needled the Vice President over the Administration’s attempt to strike down the ACA as unconstitutional, warning voters of the public health dangers of losing preexisting conditions protections.
  • Despite being diagnosed with COVID-19, President Trump has announced that he will not participate in a virtual debate, calling anything less than a face-to-face debate a “waste of time.”
  • Mail-in voting has already begun in many states and is on track to reach record highs. Some swing states are already feeling the pressure, with local election officials facing an arduous process for mail ballot processing.
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