What is AHPA?

The Adventist Health Policy Association (AHPA) is an affiliation of Seventh-day Adventist-sponsored health care systems across the US and AHPA serves as the policy voice for 83 hospitals in 17 states. Affiliated health entities include over 300 other provider organizations including associated medical groups, nursing homes, outpatient centers and home care entities.

What are AHPA’s goals?

The primary goals of AHPA is to help ensure that member hospitals can provide high quality, accessible health care is available to the communities we serve. To do this, AHPA members will:

  • Make sure that existing and new federal legislation, policy, rules and guidelines allow AHPA members to fulfill their mission of outstanding, faith-based health care.
  • Analyze the impact of proposed federal policy and regulations on Adventist hospitals, focusing on five to six common issues each year.
  • Demonstrate a united voice for health policy issues in which Members have common interests.

Adventist Health

AH_Map_Logo19 hospitals with 2,845 beds
Adventist HealthCA, OR and HI


AdventHealth46 hospitals with 8,296 beds, includes Florida Hospital, the nation’s largest Medicare provider.
AdventHealthFL, GA, TN, NC, IL, KY, KS, WI, TX and CO

Adventist HealthCare

Adventist Health Care Logo3 hospitals with 723 beds
Adventist HealthCareMD and the DC area

Kettering Health Network

Kettering Health Network Logo8 hospitals with 1,528 beds
Kettering Health NetworkOH

Loma Linda University Health

Loma Linda University Logo6 hospitals with 1,076 beds
Loma Linda UniversityCA

What are AHPA’s Focus Areas & Top Priorities?

AHPA’s 2019 priorities include:

  • Signature Issues
  • Access to Care
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Advance evidence-based policies that promote wholeness
  • Sustain high-quality, affordable care for all patients we serve
  • Ensure health care access and coverage for our patients
  • Advocate for policies that supports health care innovation

How is AHPA governed?

Each AHPA organization has one Board seat held by the system CEO. A Management Committee (again, one member per system) meets monthly. The President of the AHPA Board is Terry Shaw, who is with AdventHealth .

Why did you form AHPA?

Adventist hospitals are a large part of the hospital sector in the United States. AHPA members wish to build on the strength of our network and the shared goals of our Seventh-day Adventist hospital organizations. The work of AHPA is conducted in a manner consistent with the values of Seventh-Day Adventist-sponsored organizations.

What is the focus of Seventh- day Adventist health care?

Since the mid-1800s, Adventist health facilities have focused on the provision of faith-based health care. Around the world, the Church operates over 500 healthcare facilities dedicated to helping people achieve mind, body and spiritual wholeness.

How do I contact AHPA?

Where is AHPA headquartered?

Washington, D.C. near Capitol Hill.

How can I learn more?

Please visit www.adventisthealthpolicy.org